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Bespoke Software
Few companies are fortunate enough to find off-the-shelf software that fits their business needs perfectly.

Here at Waymark we have the talent and imagination to give you exactly what you want - a software solution tailored just for you.

Our developers have vast experience of working with the many different programming languages, the varied operating systems and existing applications and databases. The Waymark team will work with you to gain a detailed understanding of your organisation and your precise needs; and then their expertise and creative approach will ensure your vision is delivered. Not only will we provide you with an innovative, bespoke solution, we’ll also ensure the solution is user-friendly. We understand that the interface between applications and user is just as important as the software’s functionality and efficiency.

And there are other advantages to you choosing bespoke software over an off-the-shelf package: Flexibility: A bespoke solution can evolve to match your changing business needs; Future proofing: Your bespoke solution will have been created using the very latest, cutting-edge technology and can be updated if and when required; Integration: Bespoke solutions can bring other existing systems together seamlessly, integrating information and reducing any need for duplicated data entries; Advantage: As your software will be unique to you, none of your competitors will have the competitive advantage it has given you.

For Waymark bespoke software encompasses a wide range of solutions all aimed at making our clients more productive. Such as developing software to extract data from industry specific or legacy systems to produce KPI’s, dashboards and management reports or integrating such systems to remove costly manual data handling. We can also work alongside your in-house development team, either as additional resource to cope with peaks in demand or to assist with implementing management processes and structures as well as providing specialist advice for developing systems in the cloud.

"100% of our customers agreed Bespoke Software met their needs better than off-the-shelf packages"

Could technology make your organisation more profitable?