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Recent Projects
As a bespoke software house, we are proud of the range of products we have developed on behalf of our clients. Our solutions are based on a real understanding of our clients’ business needs.

‘Bullet time’ software

Waymark have won 2 awards (Sunderland Echo Portfolio Technology of the Year Award 2016 & the Northern Lights Creative Industries Award 2017) for the pioneering work they have done on behalf of their client, New World Designs, who are one of only four companies worldwide that offer specialised video/photography first seen in film The Matrix.

By merging individual photographs they create a video of the subject which can be seen in full 360 view and at super slow motion. Initially New World Designs had to manually ‘stitch’ each image together to create a movie, a process that could take between 15 – 30 minutes for each video, Waymark created a software solution that completes this process in a matter of seconds. In addition setting up the equipment was extremely labour intensive especially manually aligning the cameras. Again Waymark have automated this process and the automatic alignment has not only drastically reduced set up time, it has also resulted in much more stable images when viewed as a video.

Waymark continue to work with New World Designs to improve and enhance the effects that they can produce which will hopefully result in further accolades.

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