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“We liked the fact they were local and their level of expertise has been impressive. The company specialises in Dynamics CRM so were well aware of its capabilities and how flexible it can be."

Microsoft Dynamics Configuration Case study

About: Jigsaw Business Group

Jigsaw Business Group comprises three very different businesses.

It has an arm that provides first-class, bespoke training packages for the private and public sectors as well as a global professional recruitment consultancy and a business improvement service that provides support at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

The company also includes Ecusol and the recently-acquired German company ReNergy.

Ecusol is a company dedicated to saving its clients money and resources. Services include helping customers to find the best rates for gas and electricity; working with the Carbon Trust to obtain funding for new LED lights, or helping clients review invoices for hidden charges.

ReNergy, based in Cologne, works with clients to reduce energy costs and save C02 emissions. It also advises on the use of renewable energies, helps with the conversion of conventional lightbulbs to high-efficiency LED lamps and provides waste to energy solutions for a range of clients.

Both Ecusol and ReNergy also work in the area of solar panels, IR heating and electrically-assisted bicycles.

Jigsaw Business Group employs about 20 people. Most are based at the firm’s Gateshead headquarters, with others based in Cologne and working from home or on assignment in the UK.


The challenge:

With such a diverse range of businesses and bases, the company found a viable CRM system a challenge to find. The CRM system needed to provide solutions for each of the firms’ very different challenges as well as linking them together.

Consultant Abbie Lee was brought in to help Jigsaw source a viable solution. She identified Microsoft Dynamics as software that could help, but which needed very specific apps developed to provide a full solution.


Waymark’s solution:

Waymark worked with Abbie to understand the set-up of the company, and the scale of the challenge involved.

Waymark then identified six additional bespoke apps that would need to be developed and added to Dynamics to provide the comprehensive solution needed.

The apps would solve the problems of a recruitment/training CRM as well as helping to identify solutions and prospective customers for Ecusol and ReNergy.

For instance, for the recruitment arm of the company, the solution allows Jigsaw to see a database of candidates applying for a specific role, or see what jobs a specific candidate has previously applied for. It will also allow Jigsaw to see where successful candidates are coming from, enabling the company to be more targeted with the agencies with which it works.

For Ecusol and ReNergy, the CRM would identify when clients’ energy contracts are due for renewal. It will also identify high-energy users, which will in turn allow Ecusol and ReNergy to propose low-cost lighting solutions.

Both specific examples show how time, money and resource could be saved. Their solution is also fully integrated with Sharepoint and the full range of Microsoft software.

Abbie said: “Waymark’s solution will save Jigsaw a massive amount of time and resources. It also eliminates error. Everything is linked, and it’s easy to click from one area into another.

“It can generate really useful reports and investigations, allowing us to drill down into data.

“Waymark also developed a mobile solution for us too, so we can access the system while out and about.”


Working with Waymark:

“I’ve found Waymark very easy to work with – they’ve been particularly good at understanding the complex needs of our business and talking to us in layman’s terms,” explained Abbie.

“After an initial meeting, they said they could fulfill all of our needs, and were much better priced than other companies we were considering. 

“We liked the fact they were local and their level of expertise has been impressive. The company specialises in Dynamics CRM so were well aware of its capabilities and how flexible it can be.

 “Communication with Waymark has never been short of excellent and that was a real priority for us. They’ve understood all of our requirements and aims and objectives and have been very clear as to timetables and what is achievable. They’ve also worked hard to ensure we knew where they were up to in terms of development."

 “They’re all very professional, but also friendly and easy to work with. They were aware of our timetable and worked very quickly to achieve our timeplan.”




I have contracted Waymark to develop several projects for ourselves and our clients The work as you expect has always been first class, on budget, on time and specifications clearly defined and understood.Nigel Begg M.D.