Upnorth Group IRIS

Collecting over 34,000 IoT data readings every few minutes in the cloud

The Brief

UpNorth Group specialises in the live monitoring of energy consumption data and has IT data centres and various energy and environmental sensors placed throughout the UK. The data gathered by UpNorth Group assesses the energy consumption of some of the biggest companies in the country. This allows UpNorth Group to advise organisations on strategies for energy efficiency and cost savings.


Collecting over 34,000 data readings every few minutes, UpNorth Group required a solution that could run analysis and calculations on the data, whilst presenting the results in a clear and informative way. Waymark welcomes the technologically complex, blending expertise with our extensive business knowledge to help our clients. We were thrilled to be selected to design and develop this product for UpNorth Group.



The Process

UpNorth Group use its systems to monitor energy and power that is being used in buildings, as well as the hardware a company uses to support their energy and power supplies. Air conditioning is needed to keep energy and power machines cool and the analysis of UpNorth Group’s data takes this into consideration. Because of this, many technical components needed to be considered to create a solution.


We built an architecture utilising Microsoft Azure which enabled the data to be calculated and analysed over time. The systems previously used were engineer based and there was a lot of data that needed to be presented and mapped out. A graph section was needed to display data for better analysis.


The transparency and translation of this data from recordings is important for UpNorth Group to supply its service and present companies with cases for better ROI, and this is something its current system could not support.

The Result

Power and energy consumption results from UpNorth Group’s data allows the company to continually recommend improvements for businesses which directly translates to cost savings.


The Azure, cloud based architecture that we put in place enabled Up North Group’s data to be centralised and we worked closely with Microsoft to produce robust scalable architecture which allows the data collection to run smoothly, in real-time. It also means that the data capture capacity increased.


Because of this change to Azure, UpNorth Group was able to expand its business due to the greater return of data and better influx on analysis, leading to more reports presented and recommendations conducted.