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Waymark is a busy, ambitious and vibrant young company with a talented workforce dedicated to providing clients with bespoke solutions that will save them time and money. Here we’ll tell you what we’re up to, and bring you updates from the wider IT sector.

We have been counting down the days until we attend Microsoft Build, an annual conference geared up for brilliant software developers and industry game-changers.

Code your tomorrow is Microsoft’s ultimate developer showcase conference featuring cloud, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and much more.

Now, aside from enjoying a trip to Seattle, there are some real business reasons behind why we choose to invest in sending our staff to this conference.

We learn from the best in the business. As a software company, we write code and implement Microsoft technologies. So, it makes sense to gain in-depth understanding on the technology that underpins our business it terms of future progression and gaining a competitive edge.

There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people, but there are few golden opportunities to meet those behind Microsoft and its partners! Microsoft Build brings together the best and the brightest in the industry from all over the world who genuinely want to share what they know.

We get to discuss what we’re doing with Microsoft services and raise issues our customers may be experiencing.

This dramatically enhances our knowledge and then we share it with our team, contributing to our continual professional development. This includes the good, the bad, and the plain confusing!

We use our learning for our customers’ benefit. After learning so much and feeling inspired, it’s no surprise that we ensure our customers benefit from the enhancements showcased at Microsoft Build.

We always return with new ideas and approaches and this places us in a very strong position to ensure we can provide the very best advice to our customers. And what’s more, we apply it to developing our software products, which safeguards their investment. Utilising what we learn, coupled with examining our competitors’ activities and plans, we create the best possible solution for our customers. This, in turn, means our customers always have the competitive edge.

Over the past four years we’ve used our visits to the conference to: invest in Azure cloud infrastructure; develop global capable solutions; and provide insight and knowledge for our customers’ benefit. Through these visits we have been able to speak Microsoft evangelists who shape and develop the core platforms we use and depend upon.

Yes, it is fun, it’s certainly exciting but it’s also hard work and very important to both our future and our customers’.

These two main reasons (along with the free t-shirts) is why we’ll continue to invest our time and resources in attending Microsoft Build.

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