About Waymark

One of the leading Newcastle software companies, working with businesses from start up to enterprise

Our Story

We help make businesses more profitable by streamlining processes using a professional and expert approach to technology.

Established in 2011, Waymark combines its experience of developing software solutions with extensive business knowledge. As one of the leading Newcastle software companies, it is this blend of expertise and practical understanding that enables us to innovate effective ways to take your business to the next level.

As one of the longest running software development companies in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we have in-house technical capabilities that empower our core services of software development, Azure specialists and working with you as an extended team.


Professional Technology Advice

Optimum Performance & Efficiency

Extensive Business Knowledge

Highly Skilled Team

Our Values

Trust, collaboration, ownership and enthusiasm.

We believe in longstanding relationships and operate on a level of ‘togetherness’, both within our company culture and with our clients.

Our technology advice is honest, straight-forward and professional and we encourage communication throughout your project. We value trust and promote collaboration, to us, the best products are built this way.

Business challenges can be solved with a technology and software solution. We have a strong business understanding and take the time to learn your individual need, advising the right project to fit your idea or to improve how your business operates.

We work to a high standard and have the in-house capabilities to work with you from initial concepts right through to ongoing support.


Waymark works closely with organisations to reprogram business processes using innovative software solutions.